Turkish Aircraft Narrowly Escapes Certain Death From PKK Missile

first published on January 15, 2018 by

A Turkish Army Sikorsky helicopter narrowly escapes certain death when PKK fighters launch an anti-tank guided missile directly at the aircraft. The trend of using wire guided missiles meant to take out armored tanks against any target that presents itself continues. Only this time, the intended target is far too mobile for an ATGM, and all that happens is an ATGM is absolutely wasted with zero results.


While watching this video, we want you to pay close attention to the jump cut. This video was released by the PKK, and claims that they shot down the Turkish helicopter using an ATGM. There is some debate about what type of ATGM was used, with some saying it was an American supplied TOW missile, but the smoke trail, and erratic flight pattern of the missile leads one to believe that it is a FAGOT or Konkers style ATGM that is frequently being purchased on the black market in these areas.

As you watch the video, it is evident that the PKK would like to use this video as a successful shoot down. However, upon closer investigation, you can clearly see that the missile did not connect with its intended target directly, as the pilot was able to get out of the way just in time to save not only the aircraft, but also the life of himself and his crew. After the missile impacts with what appears to be the mountainside, the video cuts to showing the ATGM crew member who fired the wire-guided missile while playing heroic music.

heroic pkk

It is understandable that groups like the PKK would use ATGM systems to conduct attacks like this. It allows them great stand-off distance, and the ability to conduct attacks that would cost dozens of lives attempting to get into RPG range. Also, using an RPG in this situation, even while within the effective range of the weapon system, still would not guarantee a hit, or a catastrophic kill on the vehicle they are trying to destroy. We have seen this tactic used with great success in the past, however this video appears to be a failed attempt that is being passed off as a success.

In the video below, we will play the video of the attack twice. The first roll of the video will be a completely unedited version of the release. The second play through will have slow motion effects added at the point of the jump cut in question for five seconds before, and after the impact of the missile. It will be played at 50% speed, and should exaggerate the jump cut to a point that it is noticeable to the naked eye by people with no video editing experience. We will let you make the call. Come back to this post on Facebook and leave a comment with your opinion. Was this attack a failed attempt to shoot down a helicopter, or was this a successful shoot down that is being covered up by the Turkish government. You decide for yourself.