Turkey Uses Gas On Kurds: Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

first published on February 17, 2018 by

The New York Times cited a Reuters report stating that the Turkish military used toxic gas on a village in the northwestern portion of Afrin on Friday, leaving six people wounded with symptoms of chemical attack.

The Kurdish YPG and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that, following the Turkish shelling, six people were treated for breathing difficulties and dilated pupils, both symptoms of a gas attack.

Hospital director Joan Mohammed stated that the residents were exposed to poisonous gasses used by the Turkish Army in the town of Aranda. Two of the casualties remain in critical condition while the other four have been stabilized. The report did not specify what particular type of gas was used in the attack.

<p><a href=Turkey launched “Operation Olive Branch” last month in the Afrin region of Syria to defeat the YPG Kurds who they see as a threat to their border. The Turkish military bolsters their own numbers with Syrian rebel, including those from hardline extremist groups. The jihadists are used as pawns on the frontlines.

In the now one month old operation, Turkish forces and their proxies have captured around 120 square miles, or about 8-10% of the Afrin region across multiple fronts.

The following unconfirmed video reportedly shows some of the victims of the suspected gas attack.