Turkey Arms, Sends 850 Jihadists To Fight Kurds In Aleppo

first published on February 18, 2016 by

After Kurdish forces nearly defeated Sunni insurgent groups in the northern Aleppo town of Azaz, NATO member Turkey has taken it upon themselves to ensure that victory doesn’t last by sending at least 500 armed Islamist fighters to retake the area.


This group of insurgents will add to the 350 Turkey already sent on Sunday. Azaz sits close to the Turkish border, and Turkey has been bombing and dropping artillery on Kurdish positions for at least a week.

Due to Russia’s backing of Syrian government forces, insurgent groups have been losing ground across the nation, and the Kurds are using the opportunity to take territory for themselves in hopes for an autonomous region.


Turkey said they may send ground troops in to Syria under the guise of fighting ISIS. However, Turkey’s repeatedly-exposed direct material support for Islamist groups like al Nusra and ISIS to overthrow Assad as well as quell the Kurdish land grab suggest a wholly different reality to their intentions.

The U.S. uses Turkish Airbases to strike Daesh in Syria and Iraq, but they also support Kurdish groups fighting in Syria, which is creating strife between the NATO allies. America’s blind eye toward Turkish support of Islamist radical groups is threatening to push the Kurds into the hands of the Syrian regime, and therefore Russia. The Kurdish YPG is the only consistently successful militant group in the region, and the only rebel group whose ideals don’t border on, or cross the line into psychopathic religious zealotry.