Trump Declares Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital: Riots Ensue

first published on December 8, 2017 by

US President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and ordered the State Department to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, resulting in ongoing deadly rioting by Palestinians.

Supporters of Israel call it a common sense move, that only acknowledges the reality of Jerusalem long being the seat of the Israeli government. It also delivers a strong signal of unity and support to our longtime powerful ally, Israel. That important relationship was greatly strained under the Obama Administration’s pattern of supporting the disorganized Palestinian horde of rabid religious zealotry and near sighted violence.

Critics are saying the move will only further destabilize the region and ruin any chance for peace. Violent riots erupted in at least 30 locations across the West Bank and Jerusalem, with an estimated 3,000 Palestinians throwing molotov cocktails and rocks.

Israeli security forces cracked down on the violent protestors to quell the rioting, and around 250 people have been injured and at least one killed. Palestinian groups have called for “Three Days of Rage,” which will laughably be added to the last 1,300 years of savage violence in the Religion of Peace’s portfolio.

The actual move of the embassy will take place over the course of several months due to the logistical and security complications of such an undertaking. Yet, US troops stationed in Muslim regions across north Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia are currently on high alert for the possible blowback to the Jerusalem decision. A Benghazi type event may have been a beneficial stunt for the Obama Administration, but it doesn’t seem like something that would be in keeping with the military leadership of the Trump administration.

Here’s the bottom line: For the last two decades the official Israel capital has been kept in Tel Aviv, and it has done nothing for the phantasmal “peace process.” Palestinians throwing rocks, molotov cocktails, spontaneous knife attacks, rocket showers, and suicide blasts are a normal day in the life for the Israelis. The threat of destabilizing the region is laughable to the Israelis who live surrounded by and amongst an ideology that wants them exterminated from existence. Is it even possible for the Palestinians to throw more molotov cocktails?


The Palestinians have repeatedly proven they either do not want or cannot fathom coexistence with the Jewish people. This is evidenced by them using their international relief funds to dig more terror tunnels to attack Israel rather than spending it on the betterment of their infrastructure. Are the Palestinians using that money to fund their schools? No. They are using that money on rockets to be launched from the underfunded school yard, so when Israel fires back at the launch site, the Islamists can use the wounded children they intentionally sacrificed as an excuse to play the victim. How do you reason with people like that?

If you haven’t deployed as a combat troop to an Islamist conflict zone, the concept may be hard to understand. The “peaceful” and “moderate” populous is, in reality, giving support to the radical groups, and when they have to face the repercussions of backing terrorists, they suddenly attempt to play the ignorant victim. These people may be physically existing among us in the tangible world, but mentally, they may as well be on another planet.


Yes, this move by President Trump may trigger an escalation of armed conflict in the region, but in 2014 the Israeli Defense Forces launched Operation Protective Edge to remind the horde that savagery will be met with savagery, and on a level they could never achieve because they are stuck in the year 630CE. If this is to be the case, so be it. Israeli military technology and readiness has only improved since then. Kick the wasp’s nest. We dare you.

The following video shows scenes from Operation Protective Edge in 2014, when the IDF responded to the murder if Israeli teenagers by Hamas and terror attacks against the Israeli people.


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