Coalition Troops Rescue Wounded Under Fire by Houthi Rebels

first published on July 6, 2018 by

Saudi-led coalition troops stage a daring rescue mission under heavy fire during a failed operation, saving wounded and trapped comrades during a Houthi rebel attack in Yemen. Luckily for the coalition soldiers, the rebels spend more time “aloha snackbaring” and less time aiming.

Coalition troops attempting an offensive operation against well-hidden and entrenched rebels somewhere in Yemen’s harsh desert are bogged down and forced to rescue several of their wounded comrades under heavy, but patherically inaccurate fire. Launching the assault in armored vehicles, the coalition forces haphazardly advance until hitting the lightly equipped rebel defensive line.

For some reason, the coalition vehicles appear to lack much cohesion as they move forward and rarely use their turret mounted weapons to suppress the meager rebel opposition. At this point and unseen from the camera, several coalition troops are wounded and trapped behind a large rock. Several vehicles rush in and dismounts quickly pull out the casualties in full view of the rebels. But the Houthi’s spend more time with their endless jihadist chants, rather then trying to kill the easy targets before them. The lucky coalition vehicles mange to load up the wounded and safely evacuate.