Troops In Formation Walking Down The Road Turned Into Mush

first published on June 18, 2016 by

A formation of troops decides to march down the middle of the road. Things do not end well for the platoon when they meet an ATGM.

There’s a pretty old rule in modern warfare. It’s very simple to follow, and I know that as an infantryman, it was my all time favorite rule. No walking in formation while you’re in a combat zone. Of course… Camp Fallujah and Camp Leatherneck happened, and mass Garrison broke out inside of a war-zone, but that’s neither here nor there.

These Syrian troops learn exactly why it is that you shouldn’t do formation movements while you’re in a combat zone. While walking down the road to their favorite cadence, they come into direct contact with a flying missile.

It appears as if the idiot platoon sergeant appears to be the only survivor. As for the rest of the platoon, well they look a lot like a skid mark now.


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