Trick Shooter Lights His Very First Match With A .22 Pistol

first published on June 13, 2017 by

Trick Shooter, and firearms YouTuber 22Plinkster, lights his very first match during a trick shot with a .22 pistol. Could you do it?

If you’re into sports shooting at all, you will absolutely love this video. If you’re here for the combat footage, and you’re upset that this isn’t combat footage, look on the right side of your phone and you can find a ton of different links to recent combat footage that we’ve posted over the past few days. That said, I’m into sports shooting, so I thought this was a pretty cool video and I just had to share it with you guys.

22Plinkster has been trying to make this shot for a very long time, and he finally did it. So from the guys at Funker530, congratulations on defeating your arch-nemesis. Everyone give this a look, and leave us a comment in the comments section if you’ve ever tried to do a trick shot like this. Did you make it, or did you try for hours and never end up getting it done?


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