Force Recon Marine Travis Haley Slaughters Dozens Of 9-Year-Olds… In Airsoft

first published on February 25, 2019 by

A fun video shows Marine Force Recon legend Travis Haley partaking in a high intensity game of airsoft with friends and family.

Travis Haley gained notoriety as a Black Water private military contractor during an April 4, 2004 gun battle in Najaf, Iraq. Marines and contractors came under heavy attack and Haley was sent in as relief with a detachment of contractors to defend the outpost. Videos emerged showing Haley engaging insurgents from a rooftop with a sniper rifle. Haley has since made a career providing firearms training courses.

Airsoft has been given a bad reputation by those who have taken it too seriously and proceeded to tell everyone that they’re every bit as tactically trained as actual military personnel and have filled their social media pages with ambiguous photos that will lead many uninformed viewers to assume that said person is actually a serving military member.

As a whole, airsoft is an excellent way to get kids off the couch and temporarily exchange their electronic devices for good old fashioned exercise with face-to-face human interaction and healthy competition.