Training Pilot Drops Map During Flight – Hilarity Ensues

first published on March 13, 2017 by

A brand new pilot, still in training, drops his map underneath the seat and gets lost. The resulting conversation is hilarious.

Being a boot is universal. It applies to fresh commissioned military personnel just the same as the newly enlisted. The only major difference, is that the commissioned boot is generally being a boot in a much more expensive and dangerous location.

The enlisted boot loses his NVGs on a training operation in the Pohakalua Training Area. The result of this? Eight hours of an entire company of Marines walking through volcanic lava rock, on line, trying to find the $3,200 piece of equipment.

The commissioned boot drops his map underneath the seat of the aircraft he is learning to fly at an extremely high rate of speed. The result of this? The senior pilot in charge has to take the controls while they both end up lost in a multi-million dollar aircraft flying at a ridiculous rate of speed.

What can we do though? Boots are gonna be boots. Here’s a video of a commissioned boot losing his map mid-air, and the conversation between him and the training instructor.


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