TOW Makes Reappearance In Syria As Large Cluster Of Troops Struck

first published on June 18, 2017 by

A new video out of Syria shows the use of American-made BGM-71 TOW weapon systems by a group that was previously supported by the Obama Administration’s rebel arming program.

The video was released by Jaysh al Izza (which translates to The Army of Glory) and reportedly documents an operation taking place on June 16, 2018, against pro Syrian government troops.

The footage shows a cluster of 15-20 pro Assad fighters only identified as “mercenaries” congregating at a check point likely in northern Hama when they are targeted by the TOW.

The strike itself looks devastating, but as the smoke and dust settle only a few of the regime fighters appear to be seriously effected.

A van is brought in to assist in the medical evacuation as militants scramble to load up the injured personnel.

The Jaysh al Izza faction, under the Obama Administration, was deemed a “moderate” rebel group and was delivered several BGM-71 TOW launchers and munitions to be used against Assad forces. It is unclear if the weapon used in this video is leftover from that arming program or if the West continues to equip these groups.


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