TOW Missile Killmaster: Interview And Highlight Reel

first published on September 23, 2015 by

You’ve seen this guy’s handiwork with the BGM-71 over the past several months. “Abu TOW” has taken out Syrian military targets on a continuous basis for the 1st Coastal Division, a branch of the Free Syrian Army, with American made and issued TOW missiles.

“Abu Tow” was actually a rocket/missile specialist for the Syrian regime before he defected to the FSA, so he seemed like the right man for the job when it came time to arm rebels against Assad. The consensus seems to be that these “vetted” rebels that the West arms with missiles also get a camera, and in order to continue to get more missiles and support, must record and submit their kill footage to show that they’re being used on the correct targets, and not being sold to other militant groups.

This video is an obvious propaganda piece, trying to point out the “moderate” status of these fighters. They are not depicted here as religious zealots like ISIS or al Nusra, they are simply “freedom fighters” trying to overthrow an oppressive regime.

Abu TOW’s current fight is in Latakia, Syria, where the Russians have deployed and have now begun operations against forces opposed to Assad. Abu TOW is, no doubt, public enemy #1 to the Russians, and he would be wise to take a more cautious approach in his operations, moving forward.


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