Syrian Rebel Tosses Two Massive Bombs Into Iranian Mercenary Position

first published on January 14, 2018 by

A Syrian rebel, armed with only the explosives he is carrying, attacks an Iranian mercenary position with two large homemade bombs. He manages to sneak all the way to their position undetected while carrying the explosives, and then tosses both of them into the enemy position just seconds before they explode. The rebel barely manages to escape with his life, but the decision not to use him as a martyr speaks loads about the situation.


It is not entirely uncommon to see videos of unarmed rebel fighters using explosives to destroy enemy positions. Normally those videos are laced with propaganda, stating that the fighter is off to paradise to meet his maker. They come from all types of different groups operating in Syria, and a majority of them are extremist factions with belief systems that state dying in Jihad is the greatest thing any man can do for his faith. This video however, is different.

We see a lone rebel soldier carrying what appears to be two sandbag sized items. He moves with a purpose, but in a manner that says he is trying to utilize stealth to his advantage. The man is wearing no body armor, and carrying no rifle of any kind, as they would slow him down and cause unwanted noise that would draw attention to his maneuver. When he reaches his enemy’s position, he starts to activate the explosives, and toss them into their position. The second the last satchel is tossed in, he starts to sprint away at full speed, knowing that he only has seconds or less until the two massive explosions rock the Iranian mercenaries position.

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The Iranian mercenaries have absolutely no idea what is happening. Before the video of the Syrian rebel infiltrating their lines begins, we see them digging. They are improving their positions in an attempt to make it harder for them to be pushed back from their trench line. This is a basic continuing action in the defense, and shows us that these particular troops are better than the average Syrian Arab Army troops we routinely see getting decimated in the Syria Civil War. They aren’t conscripted 19-year-olds tossed to the front lines to act as meat for the grinder.

This video was recorded in Jobar. It is currently believed that a number of Iranian operatives are operating in Syria in support of the Assad regime. The group that released this video also claimed that the group they attacked in this video were an extension of that mercenary arm, however we can not independently verify those claims at this time.

What we can get out of this video however, is that the group recording it is not another extremist faction. At least, they aren’t extreme in the fact that they aren’t sending off tens of troops every single day to conduct suicide attacks against their enemies position on the promise of paradise at the end of a suicide vest full of explosives. We can also see that the troops they are attacking are better than the average Syrian soldier because they are in fact attempting to improve their position. That, or they were regular Syrian troops, and they just killed a guy burying his own poop.


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