Top US Commander In Afghanistan Present At Deadly Attack

first published on October 19, 2018 by

The top US commander in Afghanistan, four-star Gen. Scott Miller, was present for an attack that left a high-ranking Afghan leader dead and as many as three Americans wounded.

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The Resolute Support commander was reportedly uninjured in what is being described as an insider attack by an elite Afghan guard.

Kandahar police chief Gen. Abdul Raziq was the Afghan official killed in the attack. Raziq was a critical figure for security in Kandahar and his death is considered a significant loss that will threaten the barely existent stability in the region.

The group of wounded Americans vary between reports, but may include one US service member, a coalition contractor, and/or an American civilian. The injured Americans were evacuated for treatment and are reportedly in stable condition.

According to reports, a high-level meeting had just concluded when the mutiny took place. “Gen. Miller stood up to leave the meeting, the automatic fire spree started. He hadn’t left the room nor taken a step yet when it began. He rolled behind a sofa & took cover.”

The Taliban took credit for the attack and stated that Gen. Miller was the intended target. However, a US officer present at the attack said the perpetrator was clearly aiming for Raziq. Keep in mind that the US was recently in peace talks with the Taliban and may be attempting to downplay the severity of the situation to protect any progress made in that diplomacy process.

Another report claimed: “The delegates had just gathered for a group photo when gunfire broke out inside the provincial governor’s compound in Kandahar city .. everyone scattered, and the U.S. participants scrambled toward their helicopter … a firefight broke out between the U.S. service members and Afghan police when they tried to stop the U.S. delegation from reaching their helicopter,” according to an AP television cameraman present for the event.

The perpetrator was reportedly killed at the scene.


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