Top 5 Snipers To Ever Stalk The Earth

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In order to be a sniper, one must possess patience, discipline, and a little bit of luck. Here’s the top 5 snipers to ever stalk the Earth.

Roza Earth

1. Roza Georgiyevna Shanina

Roza was a young Russian female sniper during World War 2. She was credited with 59 confirmed kills, and nicknamed the unseen terror of East Prussia. She enlisted shortly after the death of her brother in a German bombing campaign. She was killed in action during the East Prussian Offensive shielding an artillery officer from shrapnel.

Billy Earth

2. William ‘Billy’ Dixon

Billy Dixon is one of only eight civilians to ever be awarded the Medal of Honor. During the Second Battle of Adobe Walls he allegedly fired a one mile shot with a borrowed buffalo rifle to hit a Native American warrior that was standing right next to the tribes chief. This incredible shot broke a siege that put 29 individuals against between 700, and 1200 Native Americans.

Craig Earth

3. Craig Harrison

Craig Harrison is the current world record holder for the longest kill shot. His record currently sits at 2,475m and the shots took six seconds to hit their target. Other snipers have tried to reproduce his shot under controlled circumstances without success.

Hathcock Earth

Carlos Hathcock

Hathcock was a US Marine Sniper during the Vietnam war. He is considered by many to be one of the greatest snipers to ever stalk the Earth. In one of his many encounters with the enemy, it is storied that he shot an enemy sniper in the eye, by putting a round through the enemies scope. He helped found the United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper school, which is considered the best scout sniper school on Earth.

White Earth

Simo “Simuna” Häyhä

Simo was a Finnish sniper during the Winter War with Russia. The Russians gave him the nickname ‘White Death’, or ‘White Ghost’ because he reportedly killed 505 Russian soldiers while hiding in the snow. All 505 of his confirmed kills happened in under 100 days, at a time where there was very few hours in the day.

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