Russian Drone Surveys Damage From U.S. Tomahawk Attack In Syria

first published on April 7, 2017 by

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released drone footage assessing the battle damage report from a Tomahawk cruise missile strike against Shayrat Airbase.

In a move that is intentionally trying to report that the cruise missile strikes that struck Shayrat Airbase was ineffective, the Russian Ministry of Defense has released drone footage showing a brief battle damage assessment of Shayrat Airbase in Syria.

It was reported last night that there were Russian troops in an advise and assist role on the airbase helping the Syrian Government conduct air operations. According to a U.S. Defense Spokesperson, the Russian’s were given proper and ample warning to evacuate the base to prevent casualties to their people.

This drone footage shows a mostly in-tact runway, and what appears to be a lot of destroyed buildings. Russian state media is using the footage to spin a story that the strikes against the airbase were ineffective as the runway is still functional. However, rebuilding a runway is a fairly easy task, so we can draw the conclusion that the attacks were not directed towards that part of the airbase. Instead the Tomahawk missiles were targeting equipment, and key infrastructure on the base that would disable it for a longer period of time due to Syria’s lack of engineering capabilities.

We will continue to update you on the situation as more information becomes available. This is an extremely volatile situation, and things are subject to change at a rapid pace.


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