Fortified Position Gets Slammed By Tank Main Gun Round – Footage From Today In Ukraine

first published on March 12, 2017 by

Tanks from the UAF slam a fortified position in Avdiivka, Ukraine with main gun rounds as the fighting in the area continues to rage.

Footage coming directly out of Avdiivka, Ukraine, today shows UAF tanks hammering a fortified position. The city has become noteworthy as of late due to tanks being spotted, and reported on, staging in the area where civilians are still present. While most civilians have evacuated the area in order to avoid the danger, many have remained behind refusing to leave their homes to get ravaged by the conflict.

While a majority of Ukraine is under a cease fire, it is very apparent that Avdiivka is not. You don’t see tanks hammering enemy positions in areas where there is a ceasefire in place. Hopefully, as the fighting continues to increase in intensity, the civilians in the area will shelter in a safe place or choose to evacuate the area.


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