Colorized Footage Of Tiger Tanks In Action At The Battle Of Kursk

first published on November 28, 2018 by

Colorized footage from the 1943 Battle of Kursk shows the German perspective of their Operation Citadel to take the strategic Soviet-held town.


The Germans wanted Kursk because of its strategic, logistical location and also for retribution of their horrendous loss at Stalingrad.

Germany amassed over a half million troops, 10,000 guns and mortars, 2,700 tanks and assault guns and 2,500 aircraft for the attack on Kursk. That activity didn’t go unnoticed by the Soviets who sent over a million soldiers and tens of thousands of artillery pieces and mortars, as well as thousands of aircraft and tanks to defend the area.

The Soviets held strong and, within days, mounted a counter offensive that broke back through the German lines, sending them into retreat. The Battle of Kursk was the last time Germany was able to launch a major offensive on the Eastern Front.

Although Germany lost the battle, they suffered considerably less human casualties. German sustained an estimated 200,000 casualties, versus the victorious Soviets losing around 800,000 men.


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