The Effectiveness Of Car Bombs – Three Minutes Of Suicide Bombings

first published on January 5, 2017 by

A three minute compilation of Daesh suicide bombings against the Iraqi Army and YPG recorded from drones. This is how devastating they are.

Suicide bombings. They’re deadly effective. Regardless if its an unassuming person infiltrating your lines and detonating himself or his vehicle within your ranks, or an improvised armored vehicle rolling straight through your ECP to explode, the results are obvious.

The attacks come often with no warning, and they happen fast, leaving the attacked with little or no time to react to contact. Drivers and bombers themselves have no care for their own lives, as they are either completely fanatical religious zealots, or they’re doped up beyond repair with a secondary trigger man ready to detonate them remotely.

Vehicle born improvised explosive devices manned by wannabe martyrs are here to stay. So study the effects, and prepare to deal with them yourselves as a first world military. Get your squad or platoon together today and watch this video. Know your enemy, and how to defeat him. That is the key to success.

Here’s three minutes of straight suicide bombing footage coming right from the source. Analyze the footage, and develop your immediate actions now, because this style of attack is going nowhere anytime soon.


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