Thief Gets Shot And Killed Stealing Off Duty Cop’s Motorcycle

first published on December 2, 2017 by

A thief armed with a handgun attempts to steal a man’s motorcycle at a busy intersection in Rio, only to find out the hard way that his intended victim was an equally armed, but better trained off duty policeman.

According to an accompanying report, the plain clothes cop stopped at a red light right in front of the State University of Rio de Janeiro, and the suspect approached from the front, pointing a pistol and telling him to get off the bike. The temporary victim complied and handed the suspect his helmet.

The off duty cop walks down the street as if he is leaving the scene, but he is really prepping his carry weapon for action. The suspect mounts the motorcycle, and as he does so, he puts his weapon away. As the assailant attempts to drive off, the policeman starts pumping rounds into the criminal dirtbag.

The thief tries to speed off, but is critically wounded by the well-placed shots and can’t keep control of the bike. It wobbles as he accelerates, and soon he falls off, but the motorcycle continues on, ghost-riding down the street for several meters.

The incident took place in the middle of October 2017, and according to the reports, the suspect died of his wounds. On the suspects body investigators found the .45 caliber handgun he used for the assault. He also had an accomplice that isn’t seen on the dash cam footage. The second suspect was detained shortly after during a search of the area.

The incident is still under homicide investigation. Here in the states, the officer involved shooting likely would have created some a polarizing media storm. There would be those that would come to the defense of the criminal, stating that after he put his weapon away, he was no longer a deadly threat.

Yet, one would hope reason will prevail, and the policeman will be exonerated for protecting his mode of transportation that undoubtedly cost him a considerable amount of hard earned money, and allows him to commute to and from his livelihood. It’s highly unlikely that criminal would have felt remorse after stealing the bike and went on to live an honest life while never victimizing people with a deadly weapon ever again. Lights out, dirtbag.