Kurds Release Thermal Scope Sniper Attack Video

first published on October 19, 2019 by

Kurdish guerrillas of the Afrin Liberation Forces released footage of an assault against Turkish-backed jihadists in the Afrin region of Syria using a thermal scope.

thermal scope

The footage from the thermal scope shows the rifleman quickly engaging multiple targets in the open. The shots appear to be well placed, and soon an assault element enters the kill zone to finish off survivors and loot the objective area for equipment and intelligence.

The video then cuts to an aftermath segment, where the rifleman shows off the weapon used in the engagement. The camera then pans to a display of the gear that was acquired from the enemy fighters. The Kurdish Afrin fighters used the ammo to spell out “Serêkaniyê” in honor of the US-abandoned YPG forces currently fighting against the Turkish military in the town of Serêkaniyê.