The Peshmerga Viking That’s Taking The Fight To ISIS

first published on March 31, 2016 by

A Norwegian volunteer fighter with the Peshmerga has started to gain traction on social media after a video of his unit destroying an APC was released.

A video, recently made public by a volunteer with the Peshmerga, was released showing the Duhok Anti-Terror unit destroying an advancing Daesh armored personnel carrier. The video was just a short clip, of an 8 hour long firefight between Daesh and the Peshmerga, released by a Norwegian volunteer who operates under the alias of Peshmerganor.

The Norwegian man posted this, when he made the video public.

Two armoured vehicles tried to overrun our position, this being the second one. The APC was disabled by our general, Wahed Kovle, who used a german Panzerfaust and two RPG’s to take it out. Three ISIS fighters were killed inside the vehicle and another two were gunned down as they jumped out and tried to run away. Several other ISIS fighters who came on foot, were killed that day.

You can view the action from this clip below.

Warning: This video contains graphic images and text which may be unsuitable to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Peshmerganor guards his personal security very well, especially for an individual who is consistently posting to his webpage, and Instagram feed in order to provide updates to his followers. His social media campaign is his primary source of income, and he relies almost fully on the support of his followers to continue fighting Daesh.

If you would like to support Peshmerganor in his Viking battle against Daesh, you can do so by visiting his webpage >>>here<<<.

You can also find him on Instagram >>>here<<<.

If you really feel the need, you can directly support him, and his unit, in the fight against Daesh by going directly >>>here<<.


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