The Most Infantry Mission Brief That Ever Happened

first published on April 21, 2016 by

Marines like to cuss, so when a platoon commander briefs his Marines on an upcoming mission, he speaks infantry loud and clear.

We all know the guy who couldn’t complete a sentence without dropping the F-bomb. It was literally the most used word in his vocabulary, and he used it very well. The F-bomb was an adjective, verb, adverb, interjection, or really, whatever part of grammar he needed it to be at that specific point in the sentence.

So what happens when that guy is your platoon commander? Well… you get a really infantry mission briefing, where everyone knows exactly what’s going on, and is completely lost at the same time.

Someone count the F-bombs in this mission brief for me, I want to see how many you hear.

Warning: This video contains graphic language. A lot of it. Seriously, it’s kind of impressive.


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