The Most Important Piece Of Gear Period

first published on October 2, 2015 by

Lightweight, durable, compact, and warm, this common issue item will change the way you look at the rest of your Gucci kit forever.

This double layered nylon blanket stuffed with polyester, will leave you wondering why you spent eight hundred dollars for the utterly disappointing Multi-Glam Arcteryx Parka top and bottom you got from the Blackwater Pro-Shop in Moyock.

The woobie is the most useful piece of equipment I have ever been exposed to in all the years that I have served as a warfighter. It will fit into any nook or cranny you have open, and it is so lightweight that sometimes I question if it even has any weight at all.

The woobie has the ability to keep you and four of your closest buddies protected from the elements, trapping the combined body heat in a way that is only acceptable if your boots are still bloused. Tie the woobie off with with your favorite poncho using the useful cordage it has built in, and BAM, instant 2 season sleeping bag. Oh, did I mention it also comes in Multi-Glam?

Multi-Cam Woobie

– Lightweight
– Warm
– Smells like cordite and your socks
– Multi-glam
– Affordable
– Cuddly
– Blocks the sun
– Pillowy
– Durable
– Comfortable
– Blocks the wind
– Freedom Cape
– Compact
– Safety Blanket
– Makes a great smock
– Cordage for survival

-Not made by Arcteryx
-Not a real person

Score: 10/10 – Piece of gear changed my life.


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