The Haley Strategic Approved Gross Motor Skill Reload

first published on December 12, 2015 by

Phuc Long is back, and he is vetting his training techniques through Haley Strategic. Keep this one in your back pocket boys, the gross motor skill reload will save your life.

A few months ago, Phuc Long from Firepower United released a video on how to conduct a gross motor skill reload. Everyone was up in arms over this technique, saying how ridiculous it was. I think it’s a pretty legit technique. Give it a look for yourself.

Note: Do not actually go to the range and attempt this technique, these videos are for humor.

If that video didn’t convince you of the gross motor skill reload, then this next video will. Travis Haley, from Haley Strategic proves the effectiveness of this revolutionary technique. He goes in depth with the physiological, and physical science behind the gross motor skill reload. Then he goes on to provide a brief period of instruction on how to perform it with the AK-47.

Everyone should be using this reload, especially when your fingers no do the working.

Warning: These videos are posted purely for humor, by trained professionals. Please do not go out on the range and attempt to practice these techniques. You could seriously injure yourself, or someone else.

You can find more humorous videos from Firepower United on Youtube here. You can also follow them on their Facebook page here.

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