The Five Most Secret Military Accidents

first published on May 5, 2016 by

Anything that can go wrong, will. Here’s a list of five accidents that the military tried to keep a secret from the world.

A small accident can ruin the career of a number of military service members, or reveal confidential information to the world. When accidents happen, sometimes the military attempts to cover it up in order to save the people who were involved, or to keep confidential information confidential.

In my own experience, I can recall a range accident that was brushed under the rug. During a live fire CQB exercise, one of the Marines on the range made a huge mistake. He fired up range, towards the staging area, where all of the other Marines were. As luck would have it though, the round passed directly through the sleeve of one of our Corpsman. It did nothing more than tear his sleeve open, causing no bodily harm to him, or anyone else on the range.

The actions of the Marine were never reported because the Staff NCO in charge of the range would have been absolutely ruined. His lackluster safety brief, and supervision on the range, were the cause of the accident. Instead of ruining his career, and getting ourselves wrapped up in the middle of an investigation in the middle of Kuwait, the decision was made to handle the situation in house.

In comparison, the accidents listed in the video below, created by Dark5, make our small range incident look like nothing. Give it a watch, and bring some of your own stories back to the comments section.


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