The Fallujah Mashup That Your Sergeant Warned You About

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If you haven’t seen this Fallujah Mashup yet, you’re welcome.

Throwing back a little reminder today for everyone. 11 years ago on November 7th, 2004, The second battle for Fallujah took place. November is a pretty special month to be a Marine, so expect me to be spitting some history throughout the month.

Operation Phantom Fury was the second battle for the city of Fallujah. It was the first full-scale engagement between Coalition Forces, and the Iraqi insurgency led by Al-Qaeda. 13,350 Coalition forces, comprised primarily of US Marines, fought against an entrenched opponent that was 4000 strong.

Fallujah Marines

It is widely said that Fallujah was the peak of the Iraq war. It is also said to be the heaviest fighting the Marine Corps had been involved with since Hue City, in Vietnam. Over the first 9 days of fighting in Fallujah US forces were left with 54 KIA, and 425 wounded.

The second battle for Fallujah lasted from 7 November to 23 December 2004. Enemy casualties were listed to be somewhere near 1,500, with another 1,500 insurgents captured. Coalition forces suffered 107 KIA, and 613 wounded.

Fallujah Roof

Even though coalition forces were the decisive victor in Fallujah, the insurgency would remain strong throughout the area. In September of 2006, a third push through Fallujah would happen from coalition forces. After this third push, control of the area was returned to Iraqi security forces who maintained positive control of the area, until the arrival of ISIS.


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