The Drone Combat Footage You’ve Been Waiting For

first published on November 28, 2015 by

Without a shadow of doubt, this is the best combat footage from a drone that exists today.

Watch as an Al-Nusra mechanized unit assaults alleged Iranian infantry positions in Syria. This is truly the beginning of a new era of combat footage. Al-Nusra armor pushes a berm, and the drone shows the enemy infantry retreating through the open in full HD. As the armor continues to advance, cameras mounted on the front of the armor also witness this retreat.

Note: The sound was removed from this video, as the source had put in extremely loud, and obnoxious jihadi music.

War is going to be viewed in a different light moving into the future. Correspondents around the world will be changing the way they record, and document conflicts. This birds-eye, John Madden type view into a conflict has the ability to make war seem simple.

Tank-RPG Near Miss Drone

The dynamics of combat situations will be removed, and the fog of war will be lifted from the general public’s eye. Brief shots of the chaos will be shown from the front line, like when the RPG flies directly over the armor at the beginning of this video. The rest of the conflict however will be viewed from the sky, like some sort of real time strategy game.