Rebel Receives Important Text Message While Ambushing Tank

first published on November 29, 2016 by

Rebels in a trench line set up an ambush against a tank when one of them receives a super important text message from his mother.

At the ten second mark, just listen for the text tone. There’s a bunch of really complex stuff happening in this video. Rebels are scrambling around in a trench line frantically trying to not die, meanwhile Abu Hajaar here has to shoot his mom a quick text message. I bet it read something like this.

Mom: “Abu Hajaar, what are you doing? You better not be out with those boys shooting rockets at tanks again. I swear to Allah, if you are, I’m going to come down to Aleppo myself and drag you out of your fighting position by your ear!”

Hajaar: “Moooom, not right now, in the middle of a really important ambush. You’re embarrassing me in front of my friends!”

On a more serious note, at least the cell reception is pretty good out in Aleppo. I can’t even send or receive texts out in the field while training.


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