Terrorists Try To Rescue Friend While Being Sucked Into Sniper’s Trap

first published on August 31, 2016 by

A sniper pulls one of the dirtiest tricks in the book. He wounds an enemy fighter, and uses him as bait to score more kills. It works. The rescue doesn’t.

Eight Ball is wounded by an enemy sniper in the film Full Metal Jacket. When the platoon Corpsman, Doc Jay, runs out to rescue him, he knows that he is walking directly into a Vietcong sniper’s trap. Wounding an enemy, and then waiting for his friends to come rescue him is a pretty well known trick.

We get to see this happen in real life in the video below. A sniper from the Syrian army wounds one terrorist, and just waits for others to show up. When they reveal their position to try and pull their friend out of the kill zone, the sniper opens fire. His trap is a success, and he get’s an additional fighter.