YPG Fighters Slam Grouped Terrorist Mercenaries With ATGM Strike

first published on December 20, 2017 by

Five members of Faylaq al Sham get slammed by a YPG anti-tank guided missile team near Shara town in Afrin, Syria on December 14th, 2018.


The YPG Press Office has just released footage showing the moment one of the YPG anti-tank guided missile teams struck five members of Faylaq al Sham inside of enemy controlled territory in Syria. Aside from the ranged battle damage assessment stating that five mercenaries for the group Faylaq al Sham were killed, no further information was released.

From the video alone, we can make the assumption that an American TOW missile was the ATGM of choice, but there is no way to be absolutely certain of that, as several other missile systems look similar while in flight.

Faylaq al Sham is a terror organization operating inside of Syria that is comprised of 19 extremist factions inside of the Free Syrian Army. In the west, they are known as the Sham Legion and were founded in March of 2014 in order to unite the ranks of the extremist factions not belonging to Al Qaeda in Syria. They are allegedly funded and aided by Saudi Arabia, Iran, and local Shiite forces. In August of 2016 they took part in a large scale terror operation that aimed to eliminate the Syrian Defense Force and the Islamic State. That operation was called Operation Euphrates Shield.

The objectives of the extremist organization were initially to protect civilians, Arabs, and Kurds. Shortly after the announcement of defending the Kurds however, the leader of the organization was expelled without reason, and a new extremist leader was put into his place. Before this new leader, the group was vetted and supplied by the United States Central Intelligence Agency as they were primarily on the warpath against the Islamic State. Today we see the group clashing with the YPG, and the Syrian Defense Force on a near weekly basis.


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