Terror Group Releases Compilation Video Of Rocket And Mortar Attacks On Israel

first published on November 13, 2019 by

The terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad has released a compilation video showing the majority of Tuesday’s rocket and mortar attacks against Israel.

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The video producers blurred much of the background in many of the clips in order to protect the location of the launch sites. However, the Israelis likely have some variations of counter mortar and rocket radars which would track the munitions’ points of origin to within a few meters.

The rocket attack was triggered after the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) announced they successfully eliminated Bahaa Abu el-Atta, the leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, by means of precision airstrike.

The rocket attacks are still ongoing and Israel claims that 90 percent of the rockets are being intercepted. The IDF has also claimed to have eliminated 20 of the PIJ militants. While Hamas is not officially partaking in the hostilities, Israel has threatened to start targeting them if they do not attempt to restrain PIJ.