This Venezuelan Military Video is Terrifying United States Marines

first published on February 11, 2019 by

Newly released footage of the Venezuelan Military is terrifying United States Marines around the world, and for good reason too.


Okay, so this is actually a joke. The Venezuelan Government has released a video of their armed forces conducting some sort of “training” in an attempt to intimidate American Armed Forces. In reality, all the video has done is shown that their military is fully incompetent, and would most likely fall within hours of the American Military conducting any sort of action against them.

We’ve seen governments around the world do things like this before. It’s supposed to be some sort of psychological warfare that intimidates the enemy before they are in your country for a conflict. Funny enough, almost every military that does this ends up making themselves look like a bunch of clowns to anyone who has actually been on a fire and maneuver range. It takes a lot more than loud yelling, crawling under some wire, running in place, and having bayonets attached to your weapons that are in a worse state of repair than the average Islamic Extremist to deter any first world military.

On the plus side, some Venezuelan General somewhere saw this video and legitimately though to himself Oh yeah, this will terrify the Americans, we need to get this on the internet yesterday. So, thank you to whoever that general is. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to sit down with a bag of M&Ms that accounts for more than doubles the caloric intake of these poor Venezuelan soldiers and have a good laugh at how silly they look.

Oh, by the way, if you’re a Venezuelan commando in this video, I’ll trade you one box of MREs and a roll of toilet paper if you just surrender your position now.