The Operation Inherent Resolve Video That Is Terrifying ISIS

first published on September 22, 2017 by

The men and women of VFA-31 TOMCATTERS have been bombing the Islamic State all year. Here is their 12 minute cruise video of destruction.

First and foremost, YouTube has been striking this video down left and right. We found a stable link, and are saving a backup of the video on our end in the event this version is taken down as well. If that happens, someone please let us know so we can get another version of the video hosted.

This is the cruise video for the VFA-31 TOMCATTERS who have been bombing the Islamic State around the clock for the past year. The video below is twelve minutes of their deployment, and it’s the reason the Islamic State is afraid to look to the skies. Good works, keep dropping those warheads on foreheads.


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