Terrible Sniper Team Gets Compromised

first published on October 27, 2015 by

An awful attempt at stalking followed by an extremely poor display of marksmanship.

A small sniper team of about 4 individuals insert into the outskirts of Aleppo, Syria. They begin by making what I guess could be called an attempt at stalking in close to their enemy. Once they acquire their targets they begin to harass them. I use the term harass because its apparent they lack the needed skill set to score direct hits. Shortly after they begin engaging, they lose the initiative as enemy troops immediately hone in on their position, and return accurate fire.

First off, lets be clear about one thing. I am no Marine Scout Sniper so I may not be the most credible source for this type of AAR. However that said, I do know a few things about the trade from operating with some of the finest snipers the US military has to offer.

Any actual HOGs out there care to chime in with some input?