Interpreter Steps on IED On Patrol – Helmet Cam Footage

first published on September 28, 2015 by

The following statement was taken from a reddit post created by user 0351-JazzHands. He was a Marine present during this video:

“Former USMC Corporal Bravo here. I served as an infantry assaultman from 2008-2012. Now onto to background. Date: January 1st 2011 Time: 9am-ish Location: fishtank region Sangin AF Unit: 3rd battalion 5th marines We had been here for 3.5 months and this area was a known Taliban stronghold with a suspected IED factory. Had more than our fair share of firefights in this general area in our AO.

This day our task was to push in and clear the IED factory. This alley had been avoided through out our deployment due to the rock line you see in the beginning that denotes an IED nearby. My assault team and a combat engineer blew an APOBS in the alley about 5 minutes prior to this. After the APOBS blast my team and the engineer walked over this (with a metal detector3x) and set up a wall charge on the wall at the end of the alley and blew our way in. I mention this because its important to note that all available steps were taken to avoid any incident and the danger that exists regardless. This is where the video starts and were patrolling through to make entry to the compound of interest.

The interpreter stepped on the IED while telling the ANA to watch out. The blast threw Sgt Castillo forward where he passed out. The interpreter was killed instantly and SGT Castillo, thankfully, suffered a grade 3 concussion and bad bruising. RIP Abdul you were the one cool interpreter. I want to acknowledge all the Marines there as they were all professional in their duties in that critical moment. Another thing I want to point out is that there are never guarantees in combat and the danger all armed forces put themselves on a daily basis. So thank you all. Prior and current. Lastly, to all my boys in India co. If you’re in San Diego or in Pacific hit me up for a beer. Cheers”

Much respect to the 3/5 Marines and to the often overlooked and underappreciated interpreters (the good ones) that are instrumental to the fight.


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