Graphic: Iraqi EOD Technician Detonates Device While Working On It

first published on December 21, 2016 by

Graphic Content Warning: An Iraqi EOD technician accidentally triggers the improvised explosive device that he is working on resulting in his immediate death.

Welcome to Iraq, where not only are there hundreds of thousands of unexploded shells and improvised explosives laying on the ground from the past decade of fighting, but also hundreds of new devices are laid every single day by the current conflict.

On the ground, trying to combat the insanity, are Iraqi EOD Technicians that were undoubtedly trained and supervised by coalition forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Casualties will be required to clean up the mess that has, and will continue be left behind by back to back conflicts. The Iraqi EOD teams will be on the front-line of that low intensity combat, and this video is exactly what they are up against every single day.

Our thoughts go out to the brave Iraqi EOD soldiers who will be working tirelessly for the next two decades to clean up the mess of war.