Special Operations Team Shows Patience While Training Nigerians

first published on February 23, 2018 by

An Australian Special Operations team, working with American Special Forces in Nigeria, teach Nigerian soldiers basic infantry mounted patrol tactics. The Australian mentors show a lot of patience while they conduct this training, and they should be commended for not losing their minds while the Nigerian troops operate. The local soldiers are clearly inexperienced, and have even less training than the average Middle Eastern rebel. This becomes quickly apparent as they attempt to conduct basic fire and maneuver.


Multiple conflicts continue to rage inside of Nigeria. The soldiers there are required to dance with groups like Boko Haram, while simultaneously dealing with infighting between Fulani pastoralists and farmers in the central region of the country. Their work is definitely cut out for them. These under trained, under equipped, and under experienced soldiers are expected to defend their country, and the only people who have showed up to assist them are small groups of highly trained soldiers from the world’s special operations communities. Those special operations teams are displaying an insane amount of patience and will power while working with, and mentoring these Nigerian Army units.

The video at the bottom of this article is probably one of the worst displays of infantry tactics that I have ever seen recorded. At the very least, it is second to the Clown Army of Mali, which you can see at this link. We have to hand out mad props to the Australian Special Operations team that is conducting the training in this video. They fully understand the situation that they are in, and they make the most out of it by taking these guys out and drilling them in mounted operations, and basic infantry tactics. Hopefully the Nigerians all learned some valuable lessons while training with these guys, and are able to put those skills to use while restoring peace in their own country.

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Since these guys are training, and they very obviously need a lot more of it, let’s talk about some of the things they’re doing well. First and foremost, they clearly don’t have AK-47 rifles that are adapted to fire blank rounds, and as a result of this they are getting to practice their immediate action drill every time they fire their weapon. This is a great thing, and we even see a good number of the soldiers properly charging their weapon systems as they march forward towards their objective while keeping up a respectable rate of fire. Also, they are doing a halfway decent job of staying on line together as they maneuver. The unit leaders are very present, and can be seen attempting to control their troops in the advance. This is a very difficult tactic for even the most professional soldiers to master, so the fact that we see them at least attempting this control is a very good thing.

Towards the end of the video, one of the Australian soldiers is acting as an OPFOR member and returning fire towards the advancing Nigerian troops. When they finally eliminate him, we can see that the soldiers advance on him with caution, establish hasty security, and disarm him. This is a very basic concept, but one that is often overlooked. Disarming “dead” enemies is a must have tool in regions where it is a common tactic of the enemy to play dead, only to ambush the advancing soldiers from their rear. The security they set in place is also good, because it shows that they have the presence of mind to realize that a dead enemy could also represent an ambush. Hopefully in the future they will also start conducting dead checks, a hasty search, and leave the body in a position that is set by a standard operating procedure to mark it as already checked.

Keep up the good work boys. To the Aussies that were out there that day facilitating this training, good on you for being so patient with these guys.


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