Suicide Drone Targets Staged Iraqi Troops Outside Of Mosul

first published on May 21, 2017 by

A group of Iraqi troops, staged for combat operations in Mosul, become targets for an ISIS suicide drone that comes in low and fast.

The battlefields in Iraq are changing on an almost daily basis. There are few constants, but one thing is for certain, Iraqis will continue to be on the look out for explosives ramming their positions. In this video, a small remote controlled drone targets a group of Iraqi Soldiers staging and preparing for combat operations in Mosul.

In the groups relaxed posture, a drone strapped with explosives barrels directly towards them. The troops on the ground have absolutely no idea that the drone is moving towards them, and by the time they notice, it is already too late for them to get out of harms way.

This is their every day reality.


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