Tanks With Infantry Support Battle With Rebel Fighters In Syria

first published on January 9, 2017 by

Members of the Syrian Arab Army utilize tanks as cover as they push towards a rebel controlled building somewhere inside of Syria.

In a rare video, we see members of the Syrian Arab Army actually utilizing tactics to overcome their enemy. Tanks, actually supported by infantrymen for once, and not rolling around by themselves, assist a squad of troops in getting to their objective building in an urban environment. Not only does this technique allow them to advance on the enemy fighters, but it allows them to make forward progress towards the end state of actually taking over the city they are in.

While it’s not listed anywhere in the video by watermark, I believe the original source of this video was probably the ANNA news team. IF you don’t know who ANNA is, you need to head on over to YouTube and check them out. They’re probably one of the most honest, no nonsense group of reporters actually covering the conflict in Syria. Keep in mind that they are a Russian source, so there is a small bias for the SAA, but they are one of the only places you can find footage and coverage of the Syrian Arab Army, other then right here at Funker530. You can find their YouTube channel here.