Tank Turret Modified into Dump Truck Artillery Piece

first published on January 28, 2019 by

Watch as troops participating in the Syrian Civil War use a modified dump truck artillery piece made from a disable tank turret.


Maybe it’s the lack of financial backing, maybe it’s the number of unofficial military powers fighting in the war, either way the Syrian Civil War has proven to be the craziest conflict in recent history when it comes to improvised weapon systems hitting the battlefield. We have seen everything from an actual pirate cannon to a trebuchet being used in Syria, but today it’s pretty clear that we have a winner in improvised weapon systems as a disabled tank turret has been turned into a mobile artillery piece with nothing more than a dump truck and a very poorly coordinated crew of teenagers.

Crazy weapon system aside, let’s talk about the beginning of this video real quick. What we’re seeing is a group of teenagers in the Free Syrian Army being tasked with manning this weapon system. Upon closer inspection, you may notice that none of the Soldiers are in uniforms that actually fit them. The “NCO” in charge has them doing some sort of boot stomping salute maneuver before they move to the vehicle and conduct a “fire-mission,” but what stands out is that most of the Soldier’s boots appear to be about 8 sizes too large, and their helmets are also ridiculously over-sized. The combination of these two things make the Soldiers look more like children playing war, instead of Soldiers in the Free Syrian Army fighting against an oppressive regime.


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