Tank Records The Death Of Another Tank Directly In Front Of Itself

first published on August 14, 2017 by

A Syrian Regime tank records the moment another vehicle has its turret blown sky high by a direct hit from an enemy anti-tank round.

As a column of tanks advance on Rebel positions inside of Aleppo, an RPG-29 is fired at them. The tanks are all outfitted with GoPro cameras from ANNA news, and all of the carnage was recorded by the rear-most vehicle. This is just another example of the Syrian Army being forced to use their armor without infantry support due to personnel and logistical shortages.

Without the assistance of infantry troops, it is near impossible for the heavily armored behemoths to maneuver un-contested. No infantry support means that every nook and cranny of the 360 degree threat zone could hold hidden enemy anti-tank teams. These AT teams will result in the loss of numerous tanks from the Regime as they try to fight in the confines of Aleppo.