Houthis Strike Saudi Tank With Anti-Tank Guided Missile System

first published on March 24, 2018 by

A group of several Houthi rebel fighters strike what is believed to be a Saudi tank with an anti-tank guided missile system. It is unclear the exact location of this strike, or if the tank that is hit by the ATGM is actually manned by Saudi troops. There is a very real possibility that the tank is captured or abandoned, and that the Houthis hit the tank with their ATGM to film their own propaganda video.

guided missile

In the Middle East, there is a larger war being waged than anyone could possibly imagine. In the streets of many urban areas, and in the dunes of vast empty desert spaces, many rebel factions and nation states are battling for control of small areas of land and ideological differences. On the front end, the conflicts are brutal and fast paced. Weaponry has evolved to a state that allows even the smallest band of rebel fighters to put up serious fights against the military might of these nation states, and the nation states themselves are obtaining military equipment that they are not even competent or trained enough to use with any success.

Behind the scenes however, there is an even broader conflict being waged. Propaganda fans the flames of conflict, and recruits new individuals into the causes of both sides. The nations that are at war are using their own propaganda machines through main stream methods of distribution to incite more and more of their citizens into these conflicts with their military. Rebel factions are using back channels like Liveleak, YouTube, and Reddit to push their own video content in order to radicalize more individuals into joining their cause. In the end however, everything both ends are publishing is bull-shit, feeding into never-ending conflicts for resources and differences in religious preference.

guided missile 2

When sifting through and logging combat footage from these conflicts, we inevitably come across a lot of propaganda from all sides. This video may not be an exception, but the resulting explosion is awesome enough by itself to publish without any context at all. The only clear lines drawn in this video are the ones that indicate a group of Houthi rebels destroyed one of Saudi Arabia’s ancient tanks. It is totally unclear if their was a crew inside of the tank, or if it was disabled earlier and abandoned by the Saudi Arabian military. We are leaning towards the tank being abandoned though, because when you take a look at the scene, that’s exactly what it looks like.

It appears as if the ancient tracked behemoth broke down, and was left on the side of the road by the Saudi military, who knew it was impossible to recover by their enemy. The Houthis that recorded this video probably came across the tank on one of their movements, and tried to salvage it. After they were unable to do so because of a serious lack for tank mechanics, they made the decision to destroy it using one of their stock-piled ATGMs. If you can’t salvage the equipment of your enemy, you might as well destroy it in a manner that makes it look like you are defeating your enemies military power decisively right? Of course, this paragraph is just speculation. For all we know, that tank was cut off from its unit, and destroyed with the Saudi troops still buttoned up on the inside.

The Saudi military will agree with us if you reach out for a comment. The Houthis will continue to sell the second story.


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