Tank Gets Hit By Two RPG Rounds In Two Seconds

first published on March 2, 2016 by

An unlucky tank crew gets caught in a deadly ambush by an enemy RPG team. Two direct hits are scored on the tank in a matter of seconds.

Sometimes there just isn’t anything you can do about your luck. It’s the raw nature of combat, and the difference between life and death is usually millimeters or seconds.

This tank crew is caught 100% off-guard as they fly through the streets at high speed. They barrel through an intersection, clearly in retreat, or on their way to reinforce another position, and get slammed by two RPG rounds back to back.

Judging by the placement of both rounds, the tank was either a mobility kill with the first RPG, or the crew was injured by the second RPG impact. Either way, without a doubt, this tank crew had a really bad day.


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