TALOS – The Iron Man Suit In Action

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“There was a time when bringing all of our operators home alive was impossible. That dream is now closer than once imagined.” – Revision Military


TALOS, or the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, was once nothing more than a dream. A dream that involved creating a self sufficient suit of armor, that would protect operators in a multitude of combat operations. That dream is now closer to reality than ever before.

In the past we were only capable of bringing you still images, and interviews with military personnel on the topic. Today we are going to present you with the suit itself in action, from concept to the ambitious hope of a final product.


Talos Dream Concept

The original TALOS concept video, presented to companies who put bids in to conduct the research and development. It’s cheesy, but I would rather the money be spent on researching what they need, instead of producing a video of what they think they want.

In July of 2013 there was a recap, and announcement of the TALOS concept. 46 companies demonstrated 63 technologies that they thought would be relevant to the production of the suit. Below you will find the video of this recap and demonstration.

Many companies have taken a crack at TALOS, and almost all have failed. One such failure was HULC, (Human Universal Load Carrier) from Lockheed Martin. The primary problem with this system was it’s inability to sustain power for long periods of time. It was actually deemed cheaper to air drop troops supplies, instead of having them equipped with this platform.

HULC Dream

Learning from the mistakes made by other companies, another contender entered the ring. Revision Military, a ballistic eye wear company based out of Canada, stepped up to the project. They are currently producing the Kintetic Operations Suit with the TALOS initiative in mind, and so far it looks amazing.

Here’s their product. The Iron Man dream is coming true.


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