Taliban Inside The Wire – Insane Close Combat

first published on December 21, 2015 by

A group of Taliban fighters breach the wire on a major military installation. A firefight at close range ensues between coalition forces and the Taliban.

This combat footage speaks for itself. A small group of Taliban fighters manage to breach the wire of a major military installation in Afghanistan. Within seconds, they are identified by a group of Marines near the breach, who engage them at extremely close range. A firefight ensues resulting in the deaths of all Taliban fighters.

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Major props to the Marines guarding this base. From what I know about this footage, it was taken on Bagram Airfield. The Marines that generally guarded those gates during this time-frame, were not infantrymen. Instead, they were support personnel, doing a collateral duty of base defense.

Regardless of their actual MOS though, these Marines proved that in a heart-beat, every Marine truly can be a rifleman. They responded to the threat to the best of their abilities, and eliminated the enemy attempting to overrun their positions.

Taliban Attack The Wire

The enemy was relentless, and committed to death, but these support Marines were more committed to keeping their brothers, and sisters safe. Outstanding work.


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