Taliban Initiate Ambush Against EOD Team in Afghanistan

first published on December 27, 2017 by

Members of an EOD team find themselves in the middle of an ambush in Afghanistan after the Taliban send rounds directly through their patrol.


An ambush is one of the most deadly scenarios that you can be on the receiving end of in a war zone. Regardless of the type of ambush, the objective is always the same. Funnel your enemy into a kill-zone, and initiate the ambush at a time and place where the enemy will be overwhelmed, and under-prepared to react to the situation. If done correctly, the ambush will place your enemy in a fully untenable location where your fields of fire overlap with their position perfectly, allowing you to eliminate them entirely before they are able to fight back.

The ambush is so dangerous in fact, that the immediate action drill for most military powers around the world is simply to turn in the direction of the ambush, and instantly unload at the cyclic rate of fire. The hope is that enough damage and carnage will be returned on the ambushing side to allow at least a portion of the ambushed to survive long enough to get to some form of cover while their heads are down. The secondary objective of this is to ensure that the ambushing side at least suffers some casualties for their actions.

Fortunately, in Iraq and Afghanistan, neither the Iraqi Insurgency, or the Taliban were capable of mounting proper ambushes. Their idea of an ambush was to set up a one or two man team, and toss some harassing fire into coalition troop movements. For the most part, this proved to be almost completely ineffective. The immediate action drill against an ambush was often enough to fully deter Iraqi insurgent teams or Taliban fighters from pressing the matter causing them to retreat to another location and drawing out a lengthy firefight.

The video you are about to watch was recorded as an EOD team found themselves at the center of one such poorly executed ambush in Afghanistan.