Taliban HME Storage Facility Taken Out by Resolute Support Airstrike

first published on September 9, 2018 by

Operation Resolute Support continues to diminish Taliban activities through superior firepower. Here is footage taken on September 8th from an airstrike in Wardak Province.

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The Department of Defense and Operation Resolute Support continue to release airstrike footage coming out of Afghanistan. A majority of these strikes appear to be against key infrastructure and logistical locations controlled by the Taliban or the Islamic State in various parts of the country. Often these strikes are recorded and archived, and show the destruction of drug production and storage facilities that are used by the Taliban in order to bolster their ever dwindling supply of money that is used to fund the activities of their fighters. Occasionally airstrikes are shown taking out weapons and explosive storage facilities. Even more rare than that however, there are occasionally strikes that have been carried out against Taliban and ISIS leadership and released to the public.

We will continue to archive these strikes here on Funker530 as they are released by Resolute Support, the Department of Defense, and the Afghan Security Forces who have most recently started taking over control of air operations as their air power matures. With our ear remaining to the ground, we hope that we can paint an accurate picture of the situation as it continues to progress in Afghanistan. If you would like to read more about Operation Resolute Support, and the mission they have been conducting there will be several links that you can follow below the video. These links will take you to other key airstrikes that have happened just this year in 2018, as well as a few articles that we have published about the situation on the ground. These links will be in descending chronological order starting with the most recent article.

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