Graphic Content: Pakistani Army Assaults Taliban Compound (Drone View)

first published on April 4, 2018 by

Members of the Pakistani Army conduct an all out assault against a Tehrik-i-Taliban position while a commercial drone records everything. The assault is brutally fast, and the combat between the two groups is extremely close. This is what the chaos of an all out kinetic assault looks like when conducted by infantry troops on the ground who are fighting a well entrenched enemy who is willing to die defending their position.


When infantry troops assault the position of a well entrenched enemy, things can and will go wrong at every turn. An adaptable force that is proficient in maneuver warfare will flow over the enemies position like water, taking whatever shape is needed in order to accomplish the mission. That same force will utilize air support, indirect fires, and violence of action in order to force the enemy into a multitude of untenable positions. The positions that force will push their enemy into will ultimately dictate not only the pace of the battle, but also the outcome as they continue to hammer their enemy.

It is rare indeed to see a coordinated assault recorded from a birds eye view. In the past, these things were only available through IR optics recorded from drones miles in the air above an assault, or from the helmet worn cameras of troops directly engaged on the ground. While both of these types of videos have provided many great learning points for unit commanders, videos like the one at the bottom of this article are much harder to find. We encourage unit leaders to use this video as a learning tool when coordinating your own attacks in the future, and for showing your troops what the chaos and fog of war can look like in real combat.

compound 2

For perspective, the video at the bottom of this article was recorded from the perspective of the Pakistani Army. The date and exact location are unknown, but the mission of the troops was to eliminate a Tehrik-i-Taliban stronghold inside of Pakistan. It appears that a company size element of Pakistani troops attacked a platoon size element of Taliban fighters, and quickly overwhelmed their position with combined arms tactics, accurate suppressing fire, and superior numbers of troops maneuvering on an inferior force with their back against the wall.

At the consolidation phase of combat, it become apparent that more Taliban fighters are still holed up inside of the compound waiting to find until their last breath. The Pakistani troops surround the area and maintain security while they wait for a special unit trained in close quarters battle to move up and into the compound. Utilizing ballistic shield, and thrown explosive devices the team enters the compound and clears of it all remaining Taliban fighters. At this point, the twelve minute video that documents their assault on the Taliban compound concludes.

Warning: This video contains scenes of graphic violence, including death, that may be unsuitable for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.


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