GoPro: U.S. Soldiers Ambushed By Taliban In Complex Terrain

first published on November 15, 2016 by

During an Army patrol, Taliban fighters conduct a complex ambush against troops at several key points. This footage was recorded in Wardak, Afghanistan.

Couch commandos will be debating this two dimensional image of this particular battle space for ages. What those couch commandos don’t realize however, is that there is a lot happening in a complex ambush like this. There are moving pieces that some people can’t even begin to imagine.

An object in motion will stay in motion, and that is the case with spent ammunition. These troops were ambushed in a way that made it very difficult to return fire due to the location of other friendly forces in the area. A single mistake from any of the troops could have lead to fratricide.

If we had seen this exact scenario in the current conflict in Syria today, we would have seen a massive amount of friendly fire. First world militaries however, have a completely different view of the fight as their training kicks in.