Taliban Close 75 Schools, Burn 2 More In Logar Province

first published on July 16, 2018 by

The Taliban have closed 75 schools and burned two more in Logar province, some of which were as close as 40 miles to Kabul.

The Taliban claimed the closures were in response to night raids conducted by government forces. Some of the closed schools were right in Pol-E-Alam, Logar’s provincial capital.

The recent school closings effect tens of thousands of students in Logar alone. In Kandahar province, hundreds of thousands of children are being deprived of education as many schools lay in ruins or remain closed due to insecurity.


The schools are just another example of the worsening situation in Afghanistan, all while the Pentagon tries to push damage control narrative to Western media. The Taliban ignored a recent “cease-fire” which actually allowed them to carry out multiple deadly attacks against Afghan forces.

The Trump administration has just announced that it is open to peace talks with the Taliban in an attempt to end the 17-year war. It’s unclear what the US could offer the Taliban besides withdrawal, considering the insurgents seemingly have the upper hand of home field advantage and unlimited time to continue to resist. The Taliban will certainly view the request for peace talks as weakness from the Americans.

One thing is certain: The quickest way to end the war is lose.